Sunday, June 15, 2008

For Blue, Blue Skies.

Shalom. And Happy Fathers Day, whoot whoot. I would really like to know who came up with Fathers Day. And if it came before or after the creation of Mothers Day. As far as I'm concerned it was created by Hallmark, to sell more lovely greeting cards. Thats my Seth Cohen philosophy of the day.

My friend Laura told me about this site online called Pandora Radio that you set up to play really awesome music, and it does! Seriously, it rocks. You go to the web page and it asks for a song or artist you like and it creates a "radio" station/playlist of songs that are like that artist. I have a "A Fine Frenzy" station and a "Missy Higgins" station so far. They both actually play similar music... but thats because they are the similar artists. You can also tell Pandora if you like/don't like the song that they play for you. Joining is free, too. Which is always nice. Oh. And i just created a Gavin Degraw radio. Hehehe. I just want to see what it plays... So check it out. Cause its awesome.

My best friend Chelsea had foot surgery Friday. She went home by noon that day, and now she's sleeping and recovering in a splint until the swelling goes down and she can get a cast. Our supervisor lady at Oregon Humane Society asked me about her a lot. I was tempted to ask Sasha if she knew we met there, because both Chelsea and I have been wondering that for a while... but I never did. Someday we will ask her though... Maybe when one of us makes volunteer of the month (fat chance, considering we've both been working there for two years, and have never gotten it...)

The Gavin Degraw pandora station plays Coldplay. Coldplay reminds me of Chaska... Who, by the way, is the really tall lady with me in the picture of me in my about me area. Shes in the band Raining Jane and shes a good friend of mine. I seem to always somehow be listening to coldplay when I get an email from her. I'm going to go listen to the Scientist now... and flat iron my hair. Peace. =]

Friday, June 13, 2008

I can't decide...

I can't decide if I like livejournal or blogger/blogspot better. This ones easier, but livejournal is funner... Haha. Ok. I don't think thats a word.

In other words, its summer. Yeah. Finally. And I'm a freshman??? Yeah. Its all a lot to process. But its going to be a great summer. Hopefully. I downloaded 10 new songs to kick it off thanks to a giftcard from my mom. My favorite song being "Pocketful Of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield. because it is just so catchy... My friend Lily spent the night last night and we found ourselves randomly bursting out "I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine, i gotta love and i know that its all mineeeee" whenever it seemed appropriate. I also got some Jason Mraz (who knows my friends? yeah. i love connections) A Fine Frenzy, Feist, and Missy Higgins. Oh and Charlotte Martin, who knows my cousin! Its all rather calm/poppy songs. I really like the Missy Higgins one, called "The Special Two." Shes got a very than the other songs. I think she's Australian, she has quite the accent. The song just very... passionate. Its sweet...
And we will only need each other, we'll bleed together,
Our hands will not be taught to hold another's,
'Cause we're the special two.

Lily and I wrote a song. Its called Taking My Heart Back. However we can't manage to write a chorus, or fit the song to any garage band musings...

Last day of physical therapy! I got a massage again. The best thing ever. The PTs and Ellie the massage therapist are really nice, I'm like... going to miss them? Lol. Thats kind of odd to say about your physical therapist, but theyre fun!

I'm now listening to Almost Lover by a fine frenzy. Its the perfect song about angry/heart break ness. Which to me, is how I feel about no one. It'd probably work for Carlea and Josh though. Giant assface mother kalsdfjlaksdfjasdklfj. Ok. Sorry. I'm done now.

Till next time. Maybe. xoxo.

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